Saturday, October 27, 2018

Resurrection Of The Mod

So if any of you follow me on social media you may have seen a message earlier this week about how I am bringing Before The Dawn Standalone back! In case you are new to this community, Before The Dawn was a Call of Duty 4 mod that preceded Call of Duty World at War and was a co-op zombie survival mode. Ultimately it was shutting down and I took it over after being leaked the source by one of the original developers. With a friend, Hacker22, I kicked off what we dubbed Before The Dawn Alpha X. The community around it grew rapidly and we were doing so many awesome and crazy things. Eventually we decided to try and go towards making our own stand-alone game that wouldn't require people to own Call of Duty 4 to play. We were originally using UDK 3. We never really made any progress. Some models here and there; I was learning the engine; and then eventually, real life took over and we had to put down the fun things in life to focus on adult stuff.

Well, as of this October, I have started up work on the Before The Dawn game again. Starting from scratch, as all of the old work is lost to history as far as I can tell. It will be a free to play game, released in commemoration of the Before The Dawn and Before The Dawn Alpha X communities, and Hacker22, because of how much they all influenced my life. I attribute the mod and community for shaping me and getting me where I am today, working as a software engineer.

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